Chalkboards and markers

Attract customers' attention
Create the image of a modern store
Can quickly change the information
Reduce labor costs for changing the price tags

Standard chalkboards
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Shaped chalkboards
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Features of chalkboards and markers:

The black board attracts the customer's attention quicker and the information on it is easier to read than on a regular price tag. The inscriptions are written with special POSMARKER chalk markers, which are easy to wash off with water and are recommended for indoor use.
– a wide range of accessories enables choosing the right option for both simple and non-standard customer requests
Nice design
- beautiful black board looks good and stands out on the counter
Ease of use
- the inscription can be easily washed off with water or alcohol-containing wipes, depending on the marker chosen
Wide scope of application
- they were widely used in the following departments of grocery stores: "Culinary", "Fresh fish", "Vegetables/Fruit"
In the grocery stores, most often, they can be found: on the shelves with fresh fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, in the "Culinary" department as a price tag. They are used on counters with desserts in cafes and stores with fresh baked goods and bread.