Chocolate trays

Characteristics of chocolate trays

Bar chocolate is one of the problem categories in the merchandising. Chocolate display using CHOCO-TRAY can reduce human costs. The system eliminates the need to constantly correct the display of goods on the shelf. Using CHOCO-TRAY making the buying process much more attractive and enjoyable. All system components are produced in our own factory in Russia providing low product price.
Different length
– shelf dividers, which are integrated into choco-trays allow you to change the length depending on the shelves;
Reliability of fastener
– fastener of dividers on the base in several places provides stability and reliability of fastening as each tray and the construction of 11 and 13 trays;
Easy installation
– Set of 11 and 13 trays are easy installed on the shelf without any additional tools;
Additional advertising
– Profile PRO30 is used for advertising inserts or segmentation chocolate by type.