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Jul 28, 2022
New! SM-FIX - budget option in information holders
The SM-FIX holder is a compact and budget solution for placing advertising and informational messages at points of sale.
Jul 12, 2022
The updated series of UNIBOWL displays is already on sale!
We present to your attention an updated series of UNIBOWL displays. A series of displays allows you to solve various problems for the display of good
Jun 3, 2022
Post information more conveniently
EPG presents new accessories for information placement - a series of compact magnetic holders MAG-FLEX-PF, MAGNET-MINI, MAGNET-LOOP-S. Display info
Dec 3, 2019

New elements for mounting POS materials

The new universal QUICK-SNAP rivets are designed for the quick one-sided assembly of elements of displays and POS materials

They are used with various sheet materials for the manufacture of cardboard displays from bound and corrugated cardboard, plastic structures, to connect multiple elements. They are applied for fastening plastic toppers to metal frames made of hollow pipes and profiles.

The soft ribs of the universal rivet work like notches and provide a reliable one-way connection with any materials.

Universal QUICK-SNAP rivets can be used with special locks SNAP-LOCK-F 10 mm, SNAP-LOCK-R 20 mm to ensure the most reliable connection.


10 mm SNAP-LOCK-F lock makes the connection as unobtrusive as possible due to the flat design

   Lock SNAP-LOCK-R 20 mm - thanks to a unique shape provides a quick, super-strong connection of thick materials. Unlike threaded connections, it eliminates unwinding, preventing the detachment and loosening of structural elements.

Universal rivets QUICK-SNAP

- Accelerate assembly of structures

- Provides reliable end-to-end fastening in tight spaces

- Apply with any materials from cardboard to metal profiles

- Provides a heavy-duty connection when used with SNAP-LOCK-F 10 mm and SNAP-LOCK-R 20 mm locks