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Dec 24, 2020
Merry Christmas!
Sep 8, 2020
NEW! Woven trays for merchandise display of goods.
It's time to add a highlight in merchandising display of the goods and design of your store! This can be easily done with the help of woven polyra
Sep 1, 2020
QUICK-SNAP now in black color!
Multi-purpose QUICK-SNAP rivets are designed for quick assembly of elements of advertising structures and POS-materials. Now also in black color. O
Apr 30, 2019

New models of shopping baskets at competitive prices

 EPG offer:

  • Three new models  in shopping baskets  assortment on favorable prices
  •  Price reduction  on models from the constant assortment

Our shopping baskets are provided with:

- Ergonomic handles

- Maneuverable wheels

- Small perforation of the basket body to prevent the loss of small goods

- The possibility of advertising or logo on the platforms of the boards

- Different color choice (red, green, blue), non-standard color combinations on request.

Shopping basket CLASSIC

New design

2 plastic handles

20L Volume

 Shopping basket ROCK 

Reinforced design

2 plastic handles

20L  Volume

Shopping basket JAZZ

 Extra volume +40%

1 plastic handle

  Stacked with Baskets DISCO

 28L Volume

Shopping roller basket DISCO

 2 in 1 : portable  basket with wheels

Swivel wheels that leave no marks on the floor

A lock to hold the handle at the level of the buyer's hand

Stacked with Baskets  JAZZ

28L Volume

Shopping basket METAL

Metal handles with a bend under the palm

Reinforced design

Additional side handles for easy removal of the basket from the stack

30L Volume

Shopping roller basket TECHNO

Dimensions, allowing to use in trading halls with narrow passages

A lock to hold the handle at the level of the buyer's hand

Swivel wheels that leave no marks on the floor

22%  discount

38L Volume

 Basket Stacker

Stacks portable baskets 20 and 28 L Volume

Mobility provides easy movement of stacks

Load resistance

Polyurethane wheels

 Shopping baskets from EPG:

  • Suitable for all retail spaces (food, sports, perfume shops etc.)
  • Light, comfortable, secure.
  • Always available on stock.